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Your movement is unique. Your orthotics should be too.

Meet phits: 3D-printed orthotics that support you where you need it most. Based on biometric data gathered while you’re on the move, these orthotic insoles see it all: from the way you walk to the pressure points beneath your feet.

Close-up view of the end of a custom, 3D-printed orthotic insole

It’s time to make your move

Easy as 1, 2, 3

Getting your hands (or your feet) on a pair of phits couldn’t be easier. Simply visit a specialist for a three-step assessment.

Healthcare professional crouching down to watch a patient running over a pressure plate
A doctor and patient sitting at a desk, looking at digital measurements of feet
Man taking 3D-printed parts out of a powder bed

Why you’ll love phits orthotics

Based on biomechanics

Unlike other orthotics, phits are made by first measuring how you walk, run, or otherwise move on pressure plates. They know what’s going on beneath your foot, like whether you step with your toe or heel, and so much more. The result is a corrective solution tailored to exactly what you need.

Foot measurement software with a person walking on a footscan in the background

Change your orthotics, not your lifestyle





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Frequently asked questions

When I first wore phits, I found that they fit well, and I didn’t have any problems with them. They fit my running style completely. If they didn’t, I’d have had blisters, or it wouldn’t feel right, but it felt like they needed to be in my shoes.

British marathon champion Charlotte Purdue running outside
Charlotte PurdueThird-fastest half-marathoner and two-time British winner of the London Marathon

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