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Personalized treatment leads to care with better outcomes. Care that is more efficient and sustainable. With personalized care enabled by 3D technology, researchers, engineers, and healthcare professionals can help improve and save lives.

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Healthcare professionals

Medical professionals face very different challenges depending on their expertise. Materialise can support you, from the routine to the complex, with personalized solutions based on 3D printing and planning. Whether you are a surgeon, radiologist, cardiologist, podiatrist, or physical therapist, we can help you forward.

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Medical device companies

Personalized care is growing quickly within the healthcare industry, leading to more effective and sustainable patient care. From idea to treatment, Materialise accelerates your journey in bringing personalized solutions to market.

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Personalized engineering and simulation are increasingly seen as core competencies for biomedical research teams. Providing professors and students with an R&D software toolbox prepares them for the reality of careers in research or the medical industry.

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What works for one patient often doesn’t work for another. Even when the conditions and required surgical procedures are identical, each patient remains unique. Personalization is the key to achieving more predictable and sustainable patient care.

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