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With Mindware additive manufacturing (AM) consulting, our goal is to help you make the most of AM on your terms. Whether you’re in the early stages of exploring AM, already experimenting with bringing AM to life in your organization, or ready to optimize and scale your AM production, we’ll work together to build a module-based program tailored to your specific needs and goals. Read more about the modules below and get in touch so we can craft the right program for you. 

Graphic showing the three steps of the AM journey - explore, experiment, and enable - in between DNA strands

Explore: kickstarting additive adoption 

You’re convinced of the value of AM, but perhaps others in your business still need persuading. Or maybe your team is fully on board and needs help finding optimal applications. Through our Explore solutions, we help you translate your business challenges into tangible AM opportunities. And to set you on the best path to realizing those opportunities, we guide you through the key considerations for defining a robust strategy and building the necessary roadmaps.

AM foundation sessions 

Disjointed knowledge about AM makes it impossible to make informed decisions and plot a path to AM success. This module, delivered in the form of interactive online or onsite sessions, helps you and your team understand the possibilities and limitations of AM across materials and technologies. It provides a solid base on which to explore how 3D printing can deliver the results and growth you need. 

Instructor teaching a classroom full of students in front of a screen with a 3D design

Experiment: application research and development 

You’re committed to incorporating AM into your business model, and your strategy is in place. Everyone is clear on why AM is the chosen route and which applications you will tackle. Now it’s time to figure out how to make it happen. Our Experiment solutions are all about collaborative, hands-on research and development to bring your applications to life. We help you find the right solutions to validate your business case and ensure your investment is a success.

Material and technology feasibility studies 

Additive manufacturing encompasses a wide range of technologies and an ever-growing choice of materials and post-processing techniques — choosing the optimal combination for your application is key. In this module, we help you navigate the maze of options while keeping the focus on your critical product requirements. From clarification sessions to market research and concrete validation exercises, the result is conclusive recommendations on which paths to pursue.  

View of the bed of a 3D printer

Enable: scaling AM adoption

You’re no stranger to additive manufacturing, and you’ve seen first-hand the benefits 3D printing can bring to your business. Our Enable solutions help you take AM to the next level through serial manufacturing. With a focus on fine-tuning your production line to ensure the repeatability and reliability you need, we support you in scaling your AM operations to make efficiency gains and unlock further business growth.

AM process optimization  

To successfully scale from prototype or low volumes to serial manufacturing, you need to precision-engineer your process to optimize costs while keeping quality consistently high. Based on a tailored analysis of your AM component, our multidisciplinary experts fine-tune every parameter that influences the build cost and quality. Even down to the intricacies of optimizing the machine's standard scanning and hatching strategies, all to deliver the best possible part off the machine. 

Close-up view of a Materialise employee viewing a screen on an EOS 3D printer
A row of EOS 3D printers at a Materialise production facility

AM masterclasses  

Whatever stage you’re at in your AM adoption, we can create tailored masterclasses to complement your Mindware program. From broad technology and material introductions or industry-specific workshops to design for AM training courses, we’ll determine together how to bridge the gap between your team’s current skills and where you want to go.    

Design and engineering for AM

As an integral part of AM adoption success, design and engineering for AM is a key pillar of our Mindware consultancy. From advice and training to on-premise support, Mindware lets you tap into specialist know-how and trusted support to accelerate your AM implementation. 

Product development 

If you want to unlock the benefits additive manufacturing offers for your project, it makes sense to design towards them from the outset. Fully understanding the interplay between your application, production technologies, and material requirements is crucial. By involving our design for additive manufacturing (DfAM) team in your ideation phase, you’ll get expert insight and advice that’s tailored to your specific needs to get your project off to the best possible start.    

3D-printed eyewear frames lying on top of a drawn eyewear design


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