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Tree Support Module

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Why Choose the Magics Tree Support Module

There are a few reasons why tree support structures are beneficial when printing small and delicate metal parts. Have a look!

1. Print Better Metal Models

  • Improve the surface quality thanks to minimized contact points
  • Prevent part deformation with enhanced heat conduction systems
  • Avoid pitting while removing the supports by adding break-off points

2. Save Time during the Finishing Process

  • Avoid powder trapped inside the support structure
  • Remove support fast and easily due to well-planned break-off points

3. Use Trees to Create Inlets in Your Next Lost-Wax Mold

  • Fine-tune contact point angles to ensure an optimal inflow for pouring material into the mold
  • Define the ideal tree cross-section diameters, depending on the casting material

“In our Selective Laser Melting department at Progold, we are always looking or next tools to mass produce small precious parts more efficient. That’s why we have turned to the Tree Support Module in Materialise Magics. With this module, we have reduced manufacturing time, which in turn has considerably increased productivity”
- Alessandro Loggi, Progold S.p.A.

Tree support structures

How to Create Tree Supports

  1. Preview the area that needs support
  2. Place trunks on
    a. The platform or
    b. The part’s surface
  3. Create branches between the part’s surface and
    c. An existing trunk or
    d. Other branches
  4. Edit your tree support in preview mode
    e. Select, delete or move tree elements
    f. Change trunk and branch parameters
    g. Elements below the self-supporting angle are indicated
  5. Add break-off points
    h. In line with the branch’s direction
    i. Perpendicular to the part’s surface
    j. Vertical from branch to surface

Materialise Magics Tree Support technology is patent pending.

Metal tree support process

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