Process R&D Intern (Optimization of optical microscopy methods for titanium alloys)

In this internship role, you will optimize optical microscopy methods for titanium alloys produced via selective laser melting.

What you will do

  • The aim of this internship is to improve the current process of optical microscopy, starting from fast and reliable sample preparation up to optimization of software algorithms to decrease the analysis time for different sample types. Next to the optimization of existing methods, the intern will be requested to provide a working prototype to quickly compare 2D CAD files (input) to 2D microscopic images (output).
  • The intern will work in the Process R&D team in the Materialise Medical unit where the intern will learn more about the basics of additive manufacturing for medical applications.

Your profile

  • Student

Location and type of contract

  • Belgium
  • Intern

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Working at Materialise

Materialise is a dynamic, international high-tech company, founded in 1990 and headquartered in Belgium, with over 2,300 employees worldwide. Materialise’s mission is to innovate for a better and healthier world through its software and hardware infrastructure and in-depth knowledge of additive manufacturing (also known as 3D printing). Our customers are in diverse industries, such as automotive, aerospace, medical, research, and academia.

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Having a healthy work-life balance

When creating a better and healthier world, a good place to start is with yourself. That’s why we encourage our employees to stay fit both physically and mentally by offering sports workshops and flexible hours with the possibility of working remotely.

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Innovation is key

Innovation isn’t an empty word at Materialise. We create and deliver high-tech solutions in additive manufacturing. Innovation and leadership by our employees is both encouraged and rewarded.