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Develop a Quality Management System

A detailed QMS provides a structured framework that can help hospitals optimize the quality of patient care, reduce mistakes in the production process, and increase the credibility of point-of-care 3D printing labs. Register today and learn how to integrate a system of your own with training modules created by our Materialise experts, whenever and wherever you please.

Please note: These training modules are available for Materialise Medical software users only. Please contact us for all other inquiries.

Who should attend

Professionals who use 3D printing at the point of care who

  • Want to build or enhance a process-based strategy for effective and efficient clinical service 
  • Want to positively impact patient care by adding quality assurance to their framework. 

Learning goals

  • Learn to build a quality management system that matches the additive manufacturing applications within your hospital’s existing framework. 
  • Discover how to integrate a QMS that focuses on existing and future legislation regulations, such as article 5.5 of the new Medical Device Regulation (MDR).* 
  • Benefit from Materialise’s 30+ years of experience as a device manufacturer meeting all necessary requirements while operating within a regulated QMS. 
  • Positively impact patient care by providing devices such as high-quality 3D-printed anatomical models. 

Training format

Course topics

An overview of quality management systems

Design quality assurance

Production quality assurance 

Technical documentation

MDR specific documentation**



Other training courses

*Training is intended to guide and instruct on existing regulations that may be relevant to point-of-care 3D printing. Acceptance or clearance of actual execution and audit of created processes and documentation is not guaranteed as part of this training. 

**One module contains specific MDR training and is designed for an EU audience

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