Mimics innovation course

Preparing Anatomical Models for 3D Printing

Join our online series to learn the basics of preparing anatomical models for 3D printing directly from Materialise experts. Discover how to create a cranio-maxillofacial 3D anatomical model for 3D printing or other applications like advanced 3D analysis, procedure planning/simulation, personalized device design, and advanced visualization via virtual or augmented reality.

Who should attend

Whether you're a surgeon, medical researcher, educator, or simply curious about this innovative technology, this session is designed to provide valuable insights and practical knowledge.

Learning goals

3D model preparation: learn the step-by-step process of converting medical images into high-quality, printable 3D models, including image segmentation, reconstruction, and refinement. 

Training format

Quarterly online courses — 45 minutes of training with a 15-minute Q&A session

Cranio-maxillofacial — September 12, 1 pm EST

Soft tissue — November 14, 1 pm EST

Course topics

From data to 3D model


Prepare your 3D model for printing



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