Why work on the same software products if we can collaborate and complement each other? Speed up your entrance in the 3D printing scene by connecting your software platform to ours. Or create a custom version together with us. Join our extensive network and become a partner. 



To produce high-quality parts it is important to be able to control the process from design to 3D-printed part. That’s why it’s crucial to have a complete software platform that can support you throughout the entire process. With our 25+ years of experience, we have built a flexible portfolio of software solutions, fully compatible with existing software systems. Expand your software offer with the technology that suits your needs. 


Discover industry-leading software solutions for 3D Printing

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Co-Creation and Custom Development

Next to standalone products, you can integrate components of our platform into your own workflow. You can request access to our support generation software, benefit from our workflow automation tools, and much more. Our dedicated software development team can craft a custom solution to meet your specific needs. Our inventory of state-of-the-art algorithms combined with our specialized AM know-how allows us to develop just what you are looking for.  



Let us develop a tailor-made software solution for you to suit your business

Solid Partnerships

In our view, solid partnerships with players inside and outside the 3D printing ecosystem are crucial in innovating the manufacturing industry and accelerating the adoption of AM technology. That’s why we have built an extensive network of partners, including Siemens and Microsoft.

By partnering with us, Siemens PLM no longer needs to work on a connection with each different machine manufacturer in the industry. They connect to our software backbone and we take care of the connection with the OEM’s.


Benefit from our long-standing relationships with top players in the 3D printing industry