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With Materialise Magics, you can import an impressive number of file formats, including color and texture information, as well as staying in control of your original data.

The following import formats are included in Materialise Magics:

VRML (*.wrl, *.vrml, *.x3dv), Rhino (*.3dm), Sketchup (*.skp), OBJ (*.obj), 3DS (*.3ds, *.prj), PLY (*.ply, *.zcp), ZPR (*.zpr), FBX (*.fbx), COLLADA (*.dae), X3D (.x3d), 3MF (*.3mf), DXF (*.dxf), STL (*.stl)



For a good print, you need high-quality 3D designs. To achieve this, Materialise Magics includes the best repair tools:

  • • Solve the most common problems in one click with Autofix
  • • Let the Fix Wizard guide you through the fixing process step-by-step when facing complex errors
  • • Maintain full control with manual tools
  • • Repair architectural models and add thickness with ShrinkWrap (i.e. a thin layer is wrapped around the original model and shrinks afterwards, repairing all errors)


Enhance Mesh

To create a watertight mesh (i.e. a network of triangles representing your model) that is easy to edit, you can rely on mesh enhancement tools:

  • • Remove unnecessary triangles with Triangle Reduction
  • • Smooth your mesh without losing details you want to preserve



Materialise Magics offers a wide range of easy-to-use editing features, targeted towards 3D Printing. With our toolset you can:

  • •Hollow and perforate your parts (including self-supporting hollows)
  • Cut with advanced cutting lines
  • •Perform powerful Boolean operations (Unite, Subtract, Intersect)
  • •Apply text and image labels
  • •Turn surfaces into printable solids
  • •Modify the geometry of your parts with the extrude and offset tools
  • •Mark triangles, surfaces or entire shells rapidly and accurately


Color and Textures

Easily apply textures or colors on marked areas, and edit them to suit your needs. Our algorithms are optimized to preserve textures and colors while working with data.


Build Preparation

Prepare platforms in a fast and efficient way thanks to our advanced positioning tools and machine management:

  • •Visualize your 3D printers in Materialise Magics, so you can see how many parts will fit
  • •Easily achieve the exact position, rotation and size that is required with user-friendly and powerful Translate, Rotate, Rescale and Mirroring tools, as well as the shape sorter
  • •Choose where the part shouldn’t be positioned by creating no-build zones
  • •Use automatic placement to save time when preparing a build with many parts


Analyze and Report

Materialise Magics contains measurement and analysis tools to ensure the quality of your printed parts. Reports and 3D PDFs are also among the possibilities.

  • •Make sure all features of the part are thick enough to print
  • •Check for colliding parts or parts outside the printer’s platform
  • •Ensure that the deviation between the 3D model and printed part stays within your predefined tolerances
  • •Measure any feature of your part
  • •Generate 3D PDFs and reports to efficiently communicate with your clients. Easily embed parameters of parts in your reports by linking it to your Word or Excel files



Visualization tools are important for working fluently with any 3D application. Materialise Magics has everything you could expect, including:

  • •Different shading modes (Shade, Triangle, Wireframe, Transparency) which can be applied to parts individually
  • •Highlighting errors in parts
  • •The possibility to make advanced sections of your parts
  • •Slice preview



The Materialise Magics user interface is extremely customizable, so you can tweak it exactly to your needs:

  • •Hide functions and tabs you don’t use
  • •Make your own ribbons, toolbars and context menus
  • •Assign shortcuts to your frequently used functions
  • •Change colors to your preferences