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Data Processing

Process compensations

The Build Processor offers several ways to compensate data deformations inherent to your specific technology. This ensures that after building, the dimensions of the physical part are as close to the virtual part as possible.

Key features:

  • Rescale
    Resize your virtual parts to overcome shrinkage caused by thermal differences or chemical reactions. For machines with varying shrinkage values across the build plate, a position-dependent rescale could be used to get the best result regardless of the position of the part
  • Z-compensation
    Compensate your data for over-curing in face-down areas
  • Point reduction and contour filter
    Filter out small details below the level of accuracy of your machine and remove any excess data to get an optimal slice output for your process


Slicing and slice-based data

The Build Processor has state-of-the-art algorithms that slice your part accurately and fast.

Key features:

  • Fast and accurate slicing
  • Slice-based technology


Slice post-processing

Build parts in the best way possible by using our vast array of post-processing options, specifically designed for each technology and optimized for different machine types.

Key features:

  • Zone generation
  • Hatching and Sorting
  • Greyscale and color image fills
  • Infill generation


Integrated supports

Automatically create support structures for your machines thanks to our built-in support generator.

Key features:

  • Scaffolding supports
  • Support structures for extrusion systems
  • Area-based support generation


Process Integration

Machine integration

Keep a centralized overview of the status of all your machines and reduce human errors by removing the need for manual file transfers.

Key features:

  • Monitoring
  • Log retrieval
  • Job file loading


Client-server set-up

Work with multiple users on the same machine thanks to our client-server set-up. Share settings and see print jobs sent by different users from your own desktop.

Key features:

  • Share parameters between different clients
  • Server-based processing for high-end needs


Front-end software integration

Simplify your 3D printing process and ensure consistent part quality by using the Build Processor as a single link to your machine for all your software. 

Key features:

  • Portfolio compatible


Additional Features

Material and build time estimation

The material and build time estimation functions allow you to create accurate quotes and improve build planning.

Key features:

  • Volume-based estimations
  • Slice-based estimations


Material development module

Speed up your R&D operations by creating test platforms efficiently. Test many different parameter sets in a single build to find good production parameters for a new material, or optimize them for a specific part.

Key features:

  • Rule generator
    Store a set of rules and load them for use on a different platform
  • Import approved parameter sets as profiles

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