Meaningful Innovations in Personalized Care: Endoscopic, Computer-Guided Repair of the Orbital Floor

29 Oct 2020 Webinar

The Mimics Innovation Awards celebrate the most meaningful innovations in personalized care and open our minds to new and previously unimaginable possibilities. This year’s global winner, Dr. Alessandro Tel, and the team directed by Prof. Robiony at the University Hospital of Udine, department of Maxillo Facial Surgery, have developed an endoscopic procedure for the reconstruction of internal orbital floor fractures.

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Image-to-Implant: Essential Design and Manufacturing Considerations in Additive Manufacturing

05 Nov 2020 Webinar

Every patient’s anatomy is unique and personalized devices and implants for unique physiologies can provide for a better, more predictable outcome. What’s exciting is that the technologies are here now to make this happen.  

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Materialise World Summit - Canceled

05 Nov 2020 - 06 Nov 2020 9:00 EEST Brussels , Belgium

The Materialise World Summit (MWS) is a two-day event bringing decision makers from a wide range of businesses and industries together to discuss the milestones taking place within 3D printing (3DP) technology. At a moment when digital manufacturing is already a reality and 3DP technology is at a crossroads, this summit is set to provoke conversations that will lead to collaborative innovation. We will be tapping into Materialise’s extensive network of leading healthcare, industrial and technological businesses in order to bring key stakeholders together.

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Virtual Mimics Innovation Suite Segmentation Course

05 Nov 2020

The Mimics Innovation Suite (MIS) is the most versatile tool you need to construct a 3D model from medical image data, whether your end goal is to simulate and plan surgeries, or to design personalized devices. The software also allows you to automate your workflows, potentially saving time while having more consistent results.

After the course, you will understand all of the latest enhancements, features, and benefits so you can master the tools and apply them within your own organization.

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3D Printing in Medicine Webinar – Nordic Region

12 Nov 2020 Webinar

3D technology has been transforming healthcare for over 20 years. Recently, it’s provided fast, high-quality solutions during the COVID-19 pandemic. But it’s even more than that. It’s been used in applications from designing and producing personalized devices, to planning complex clinical procedures, and training future medical professionals more effectively. And that’s just the start.  

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Materialise Think-In Launch Event

18 Nov 2020 Online

As we enter the fourth decade of additive manufacturing at Materialise, new and continued innovations will cement the position of AM in the manufacturing landscape and help companies make better choices. During this launch event for our Think-In series, Materialise executives will announce new software and hardware innovations that will empower companies choosing to make a difference and create real business value with AM.

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Virtual MIS Segmentation Course - Australia

19 Nov 2020 Melbourne, Australia

Medical image data serve as a powerful information base for doctors, engineers and researchers who are looking for solutions to improve medical care. The Mimics Innovation Suite was developed with the goal to make the processing of these medical image data as easy and efficient as possible. 

In this virtual Mimics Segmentation Course you will learn about the functionalities of our Mimics Innovation Suite and gain first experiences in the segmentation of bony structures as well as soft tissue. You will also gain an insight into how you can benefit from the versatile tools.     

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New 3D Printing Materials of 2020

24 Nov 2020 Online

In order to enable our customers to get the most out of AM, they need access to the latest launches and updates to stay a step ahead of the competition. That’s why year after year, we research, collaborate, and innovate to introduce cutting-edge materials and finishes to our portfolio.

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What’s New in Magics 25

01 Dec 2020 Online

Whether you’ve already upgraded or are still using an earlier version of Magics, this free webinar will teach you all you need to know about what Magics 25 is capable of. Join our software experts to discover all that you can achieve using fewer clicks than ever before, thanks to the new, intuitive workflows and features.

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The New Normal in Manufacturing

03 Dec 2020 Online

The entire world of manufacturing experienced a shift this year with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Supply chains were disrupted, production lines were halted, and budgets were cut. Going forward now with a new awareness of vulnerabilities, one objective is high on businesses' agendas: becoming future-proof. How can additive manufacturing contribute towards that goal?

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Materialise Process Tuner

09 Dec 2020 Online

The Materialise Process Tuner enables facilities to store process development parameters in the cloud while automating workflows and providing process insights. Join our software experts to get the first look.

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Magics Storefront

16 Dec 2020 Online

Round out your 3D printing factory’s use of Materialise software with our new e-commerce/CRM solution coming in 2021: Magics Storefront. Link your customers to your production like never before with its best-in-class features that integrate seamlessly with the widest range of 3D printing technologies.

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