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Expertise and strategy amount to success

There’s no manual that teaches you how to integrate additive manufacturing (AM) into your business. It can feel confusing, risky, overwhelming: how do you determine if it can be the answer to your business’ strategic needs? Which applications is AM best suited for?  When do you decide whether to insource or outsource? Which technology should you use? 

We help you make sense of the 3D printing world with a focus on your specific goals, challenges and ideas. Let’s bridge the gap between understanding AM advantages and business strategy to build a high-value, low-risk plan together. We work shoulder-to-shoulder with your team and guide them along an AM journey to tackle your business challenges, push innovation further and successfully build a long-term AM adoption.

Your vision, our approach

Collaboration is at the heart of Mindware. We won’t just devise a roadmap and leave you to it. Together, we’ll fully understand your business needs and challenges, design effective strategy to address those with AM, and support you with knowledge and expertise throughout your journey.  

No matter whether you’re new to AM and looking for feasibility studies or an experienced AM expert looking to scale up sustainably, we’re there to help. Do you recognize yourself in some of the questions below?

Explore & innovate

  • We have tried a few 3D printing technologies without the expected results; is AM the right solution for us?
  • Which AM solutions can help us reduce costs, improve quality and strengthen our future competitive positioning?

Define AM business strategy

  • How do we know if AM makes strategic sense for our business?
  • How can we leverage the full AM potential in our roadmap & strategy? 
  • We need a long-term AM roadmap in combination with short-term AM screenings. How do we start?

Find & develop AM application

  • Which applications would be the most profitable to 3D print?
  • Which AM technology/material/finish combination would be ideal for our chosen application?
  • How do we turn our application into an AM-optimized design?

Validate business case

  • We have an application, now how do we test it for AM desirability, viability and feasibility?
  • How can I get reliable facts and figures to back my AM business case?


Set up certified manufacturing

  • Should we set up an in-house AM facility or outsource?
  • Where do we start with setting up the infrastructure and processes?
  • How can we professionalize our AM production with validated processes and trainings?

Scale & implement

  • How do we raise productivity in our AM production?
  • How do we establish a scalable quality management system?
  • Which scenarios or scaling models should I look into to ramp up my AM production?

Qualify processes

  • How can we make our AM production compliant with our industry’s strict regulations?
  • How do we ensure reliability and traceability of each part at scale?

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Unmatched, unbiased, unique expertise

When you’re looking to accelerate your business potential while keeping your investment risk low, you need a guide who is both knowledgeable and impartial. Materialise is home to some of the 3D printing industry’s most experienced veterans, who have worked with countless materials, machines, and technologies since 1990. Mindware brings you in direct contact with our experts and their insights, building a substantial foundation of knowledge to build your strategy upon.

We have spent the past three decades working out how to make AM efficient, reliable, meaningful, and scalable. Now, we’re sharing our know-how and capabilities to assist you. Let’s shape your success with the powerful advantages of 3D printing.


Technology-neutral advice


Direct access to strategic experts


Over 30 years of AM experience


Focused on your business challenges

“Hardware and software are critical ingredients, but nothing substitutes the right know-how. I believe where Materialise can really make a difference for our customers is with Mindware.”

- Bart van der Schueren, CTO

Get to know our impact

By collaborating with Materialise, we  understood better which process could be  helpful for our solution since our requests are  quite demanding.

Reto Rindlisbacher

Reto Rindlisbacher

When we started working with Materialise in  2014 for the HOYA Vision Simulator and  EyeGenius, the collaboration led us to start  thinking about bigger breakthroughs that our  combined knowledge could trigger.

Felix España

Felix España
Global New Media Manager at HOYA Vision Care

The whole process has really opened our eyes,  imaginations and hearts to 3D printing to such  an extent that I think it has become a natural  component of our manufacturing toolkit.

Danny van der Jonckheyd

Danny van der Jonckheyd
Philips Factory Engineering Designer

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Materialise Launches Mindware, Advisory Service for 3D Printing

We help companies both big and small to carve their competitive advantage using additive manufacturing. Speak with our advisors to find out how we can assist your team.

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