3-matic Training

Get familiar with the features and functionalities that 3-matic offers. Discover with the Materialise team how to use 3-matic in a way that benefits your work the most.

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Who should attend

Designers and engineers who would like to easily enhance designs of parts for 3D printing with the 3-matic software.

Learning goals

  • Shorten the learning curve and ensure optimal use of 3-matic
  • Identify the best workflow for your specific design challenges

Course topics

Introduction to 3-matic

Learn when to use 3-matic and its benefits

General functionalities 

Understand how to use basic features like Fix and Measure

Lightweight functionalities

Explore lattice designs and topology optimization to create lightweight prints

Texturing functionalities

Make use of texture capabilities and understand guidelines

Combining with other software

Understand how to effectively use 3-matic with additional software

Remesh functionalities

Focus on efficient use of Remesh

CAD transition 

Find out how to best transfer your design to an analytical file

Co-creative exercises

Share designs and consult our experts on suggested workflows, features, and parameters to utilize


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Materialise 3-matic contains more elaborate smoothing and repair functions than other software packages. The surface processing and creation of volume meshes give this package an advantage above the competition.

— Max van de Kolk, Student TUDelft

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