Supply Chain Policy

Our mission is to innovate product development that results in a better and healthier world, through our software and hardware infrastructure, and an in-depth knowledge of Additive Manufacturing.

With our mission as our driving force, there are a number of principles that shape us as a company and drive our supplier policy – a policy focused on sustainable procurement.

Our Supply Chain Cornerstones



We are committed to transforming the way companies do business and use sustainable procurement to stimulate innovation in our supply chains. Our aim is to not just gain greater shared value and generate new markets, but also to improve people’s lives.

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Customer co-creation with integrity

In our interactions with our customers, we focus on building relationships of trust and mutual respect. Our customers rely on us to merge our understanding of 3D Printing with their experience, creativity and requirements. And more and more, they are also expecting us to take environmental and social factors into account, all the way through our value chain, including at the supplier level. By partnering with suppliers who pay attention to sustainability issues, we build stronger relationships and together, better support our objectives and mission.



Inspiration and curiosity drive us in very real ways. We live and breathe our mission. We follow trends. We go the extra mile to find smart solutions. At Materialise, we give our people a vibrant, open environment that invests in their energy. Paying attention to sustainability issues in our procurement is essential to attract, motivate and retain talent.

Security of supply chains

Quality lasts. It’s what keeps solutions relevant over time. So our state-of-the-art software and high-quality prints and services are constantly being refined to ensure our customers get the quality and reliability they deserve. This requires the implementation of continual improvement processes by our suppliers.

For these reasons, we expect our suppliers to adopt or focus on the following principles – principles we also apply within our own operations:

  • Suppliers should be accountable for both their own impact as well as the impact of their supply chains on society, the economy and the environment. Suppliers should be transparent in those decisions and activities that impact the environment, society and the economy, as the basis for stakeholder dialogue and collaboration, and should be able to demonstrate this through their management systems.

  • Suppliers should behave ethically and promote ethical behavior throughout their supply chains.

  • Suppliers should respect internationally recognized human rights and should strive to be aware of any violations of laws and international norms of behavior throughout their supply chains. More specifically, suppliers will also comply with Materialise’s conflict minerals policy.

  • Suppliers should encourage innovative procurement practices to promote more sustainable outcomes throughout their entire supply chains.

  • Suppliers should work towards continually improving their sustainability practices and outcomes, and encouraging organizations in their supply chains to do the same. Among other things, this should include seeking more sustainable alternatives for existing needs. Sustainability should be integrated into all existing procurement practices to maximize sustainable outcomes, and suppliers should be able to demonstrate continual improvement through their management systems.

  • Suppliers should consider the costs incurred over the life cycle, value for money achieved, and the costs and benefits for society, the environment and the economy resulting from their procurement activities.

  • Suppliers should comply with Materialise’s conflict minerals policy and our human rights and environmental requirements. For full details, please scroll to the top of this page and select and download the relevant pdf.

Conflict Minerals Policy

Materialise is conscious of the fact that a limited number of its products may contain tin, tantalum, tungsten or gold. Products that may contain one or more of these elements include consumer products printed through our i.materialise online 3D printing services.

Materialise is working towards ensuring that such products do not contain Conflict Minerals that have been sourced from mines that support or fund conflict within the Democratic Republic of Congo or adjoining countries. Therefore, it is our policy:

  • Not to purchase products and materials containing conflict minerals directly from mines or smelters.
  • To undertake a due diligence to ensure our suppliers have the same commitment to their own products and their own supply chains.
  • To give preference to suppliers that guarantee their products to be free of conflict minerals.

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