Streamics Product features

Materialise Streamics is an AM-specific solution which helps you to centrally manage and streamline your day-to-day 3D printing operations and improve their efficiency. It gives you confidence to expand your operations and enables you to optimally integrate them with other parts of your business.

What can you achieve with Materialise Streamics?

Streamline Submission of Part Requests

  • Provide your design and engineering teams with a dedicated web portal to enter and follow up part requests
  • Connect your company’s ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) or other business software directly with your printing operations
Streamline submisson

Efficiently Manage the Design-to-Part Data

  • Centrally store your print requests: part files, requirements, status, file revisions, quality and more
  • Get feedback about buildability of parts automatically
  • Share up-to-date process information with your colleagues at different locations and with other parts of your business
Efficiently Manage the Design-to-Part Data

Control and Automate the Execution of Workflows

  • Simultaneously control workflow execution of multiple requests
  • Optimally prepare builds and print job files with the integration of Materialise Magics and the Build Processor (BP)
  • Handle request changes late in the process in a straightforward way
  • Avoid human errors and reduce labor by automating tasks such as file fixing, job file creation and sending notifications
Control and Automate

Get an Overview of Your AM Machine Park Usage

  • Get a clear insight into potential bottlenecks, available build space and machine capacity through a digital machine scheduling board
  • Monitor print jobs through integration of a proper Build Processor (BP)
  • Get notifications and alerts about potential late deliveries, failed parts and more
Overview of AM

Track and Report Key AM Process Data

  • Generate production reports to guide process steps
  • Archive, restore and track process information at any time
  • Obtain real-time visibility and intelligence when connecting a dashboard solution to the database using the API
Track and Report

Ramp Up Reliably to End-Part Production

  • Govern research and validation stages through dedicated workflows
  • Automate part labeling and serialization
  • Lock machine parameter profiles and log machine information to control quality
  • Manage data access
End-part production