Validate Your Production Process and Trace Parts

To setup, validate, and optimize your manufacturing process, you need data related to the part, the materials, and the machines. Even 50 years down the line, you may need to know exactly on which machine a part was built, what the position of the part was, what revisions were made to the design, who activated the machine, and what batch of material was loaded. Without a system to store such detailed process data, it will be impossible to link failures to specific positions on a build platform and to ensure full traceability of your process.

Materialise Streamics can assist you in setting up and validating your production process:

  • A single source for all process-related data including:
    • parts data (position, support, label, etc.)
    • machine data (parameters, log files, etc.)
    • materials data
  • Automatically applying unique labels to every part, allowing failures to be linked to positions on a build platform.
  • Guiding you though your process in a controlled way, with the flexibility needed in a research environment but also the rigidity needed for an efficient manufacturing process.