Randomized Structures on Implants

Create Porous Structures for Better Implants

Incorporating porous structures as an integral part of implant design has proven to enhance bone in-growth and contribute to the stability and longevity of implants.

To build such complex and organic-looking structures, designers can create randomized structures to be incorporated into the finish of the implant surface. Whether starting from a basic unit structure obtained from the library or a uniquely designed one, Materialise 3-matic can easily turn it into an optimized structure to suit your needs. Once a design has been validated, the software allows you to recreate your randomized structure.

Avoid Problems with File Size

Because of their complex nature, these structures can be a challenge in terms of file size. To get around this problem, Materialise has developed an internal parameterized format to directly export your design to Materialise AM data preparation packages, Materialise Magics and Materialise Build Processors.