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Optimize Mesh Quality for Further FEA and CFD Analysis

consistent, clean and optimal mesh is essential for FEA or CFD analysis. Data originating from all sources (topology-optimized, CAD, scan, etc) can easily be combined and remeshed with volume elements to improve mesh quality for further FEA analysis. Once complete, the models can be exported to the required FEA format.

Simplify Huge Models for FEA and CFD Analysis

Not only a good mesh is important for FEA or CFD analysis, but also the complexity of the geometry. Materialise 3-matic allows you to simplify huge models to ones suitable for FEA by using redesign operations to straighten rounded edges, remove details, and make any other adjustments needed to reduce its size without compromising your design.

Convert Solid Volumes to Lightweight Models to Send to FEA

Saving weight in 3D-printed models can offer many advantages. There is a need to design lightweight parts but they also must be able to perform well. Through analysis in an external FEA package, Materialise 3-matic can help you go from a solid to a strong lightweight design

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