Conformal Structures

Create Conformal Structures

A simple duplication is often insufficient to fill a free design with a lattice unit cell. With Materialise 3-matic, designers are now able to repeat unit cells in such a way that they will result in a conformal lattice and still maintain consideration for the design rules of Additive Manufacturing. Materialise 3-matic creates lattice structures that flow over a curved surface, creating conformal structures and opening the door to a vast world of applications such as: 

  • Uniform cooling of hot surfaces
  • Cushioning of plastic parts
  • Uniform bone in-growth of orthopedic hips
  • Acoustical walls
  • Filtering of small particles
  • And much more

Design and Print Complex Models Using Conformal Structures

Materialise 3-matic not only has the capabilities to design high-end applications, but also the tools to make the design printable in metal or plastic. For instance, filters can be placed on beams that are not self-supporting or that only have one connection, or the lattice can be automatically reinforced with greater thickness at the points where it connects with the beams. With all these unique features, Materialise 3-matic is the must-have design toolbox for every designer using Additive Manufacturing (AM).