Tetrashell Module

Traditional metal investment casting is a long and risky process. Much time is lost during the tooling phase, a wrong assembly of the wax can cause an incorrect coating and the wax may sag during the investment phase. With Tetrashell by SOMOS®, all these risks fade away. Transform a solid CAD design into a robust, hollow STL model for any Stereolithography equipment worldwide.

On the one hand, the software facilitates and shortens the investment casting flow. On the other hand, it offers a cost-efficient and reliable way to produce strong lightweight parts. Tetrashell has a wide field of applications, ranging from aerospace, to electronics and orthopedics.

Why go for Tetrashell by SOMOS®?

  • Prevent assembly errors
  • Shorten the design evaluation from months to days by eliminating the tooling phase
  • No longer invest in casting tools
  • Achieve best-in-class quality
  • Experience impressive user control
  • And more

Tetrashell Module — brought to you by SOMOS®. SOMOS® is a registered trademark of DSM IP Assets B.V.