Structures Module

The Materialise Magics Structures Module is designed to help you reduce the weight and material usage in your designs. Whether you wish to hollow a part and fill it with a lightweight structure; convert a part to a lattice structure or create functional surfaces, the easy-to-use wizard in our Structures Module will guide you through every step of the way.

With hollowed designs, the Materialise Magics Structures Module enables you to add holes so that excess powder can be removed. The module features a structures library and can be used to alter structures to meet a variety of objectives, including saving powder, controlling the temperature, reinforcing your design and much more.

With Materialise Magics Structures Module, you can:

  • Lower your powder consumption and production costs
  • Add strength to the parts
  • Reduce distortion (due to the heat generated during the build process)
  • Create porous designs
  • Design your own unit cell structures to create a lattice structure