Sinter Module

To make your Laser Sintering business time-and cost-efficient, we developed the Materialise Magics Sinter Module.

The Magics Sinter Module is equipped with a powerful multi-core nesting algorithm that will automatically nest your parts in no time. With this algorithm, you can save approximately one hour for each build and thereby reduce your personnel costs by €5,000 (1h/build x 100 builds x €50/h) per year. To protect small and fragile parts, and easily retrieve them after building, you can build a crate around them with the Sinterbox function.

  • Nest parts quickly and automatically on multiple platforms
  • Control the build time, height and density
  • Avoid interlocking and colliding parts
  • Create protective crates
  • Re-nest from an existing configuration

Want to find out more? Download our Sinter Module Brochure