Materialise Magics 23

Easier to use than ever

For the new Materialise Magics version with patent pending features, we focused on ease of use, more control over the tools, reducing the time spent on data preparation as well as material consumption. Owners of metal 3D printing machines will be able to reduce the amount of failed metal builds thanks to the integration of simulation software. Users of other technologies can rely on the improved lap joint cut to easily assemble cut parts and generate e-Stage support in SG mode.

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Materialise Magics 23 enables you to:

  • Generate and visualize patented e-Stage support in SG mode
  • Process large data files faster
  • Save time with improved patent pending labelling technology
  • Improve part quality using fillets
  • Easily create self-supporting honeycomb structures
  • Import and visualize PMI dimensions
  • And much more

“The Magics Simulation Module allows us to work with Magics native supports, giving better accuracy to the supports we will actually build and predict where they will fail. Overall we are excited by the functionality we see with this software and look forward to trying to integrate it into our production process.”
- Ryan Lussier, Turbocam, USA.

“I was very impressed with the workflow for current Magics users. For simple parts, I was able to receive useful simulation results from Magics Simulation Beta quicker than I could even set up simulations on competing packages.”
- Luke Hill, AMRC, UK.

Take your data preparation flow to the next level

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Additional Module Upgrades

Several modules have been upgraded as part of this new release.

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