Take Full Control of 3D Printing with the Magics 3D Print Suite

You are already familiar with Materialise Magics that supports you to repair the worst files and prepare your data for 3D Printing. But what about the other aspects of 3D Printing you may struggle with? Be one step ahead of competition and aim for top efficiency in your business. It’s time to take full control of 3D Printing!

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Create the Best Designs for 3D Printing

63% Weight Reduction

With Materialise 3-matic that is perfectly compatible with topology and simulation software, you can create strong and light industrial metal parts. This aerospace part was 3D printed in Titanium at our metal competence center in Bremen, with a 63% weight reduction compared to the traditionally manufactured part.

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66% Weight Reduction

Each kilogram put into orbit costs around $20,000. Every gram saved helps make space a more attainable frontier. So Materialise worked together with the engineering division of Atos, a global leader in digital services, to reduce the weight of a titanium insert by 66%.

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Prepare Your Files for 3D Printing

Support in Under 3 Minutes

Are you still manually generating support structures for your Stereolithography builds? Materialise e-Stage is automatic support generation software that can do it for you in under 3 minutes. It generates support only where needed and the sophisticated break-off points make support removal a piece of cake.

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Get the Most Out of Your 3D Printing Machine

Detect 90% of Errors

Today, 75% of the Metal AM machines are equipped with cameras, allowing you to monitor what is happening during the build process. The images taken before and after recoating can help you detect 90% of the errors, but when enormous stacks are being generated, quality inspection can become a burden. Watch how we solve this or try for yourself how you can easily process enormous stacks of image data. 

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Reduce 2 GB to 5.8 MB

453 surfaces where textured on a 5.8 MB size STL file, resulting in a slice stack of only 50 MB. Thanks to the slice-base technology an STL file of around 2 GB could be avoided.

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100% Open Platform

The Materialise Control Platform offers an out of the box framework for Stereolithography, Laser Sintering and Laser Melting that is modular, highly flexible and developed specifically for AM. Gain access to 200 or even 5000 parameters depending on your needs.

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Manage Your AM Production Process

Manage Your Production

Nike, GE, Avio Aero and many others rely on Materialise Streamics to manage their daily 3D printing operations. Find out why companies choose this data base system.


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Auto Process 50% of Orders

3D printing service bureaus receive orders from customers daily. But before these orders get printed, the design files need to be converted to STL, be repaired, get their printability checked and the customer needs to be provided with a quote. Realize automatically processes 50% of their customer requests online, powered by Materialise Robot.


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