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Materialise Magics is equipped with industry-trusted 3D printing repair tools that automatically transform your design into a watertight, 3D printable model. 

The Industry Standard for 3D Printing

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  • Solve the most common problems in one click

  • Let the Fix Wizard guide you through the file fixing process step-by-step when facing complex errors

  • Maintain full control with manual tools

  • Make worst-quality designs watertight with this STL repair software

  • Increase efficiency and save material costs

  • Easily achieve the exact position, rotation and size of your part

  • Generate 3D PDFs and reports to efficiently communicate with your clients

  • Meet important project deadlines

  • Advanced 3D model viewer

  • Convert nearly all CAD file formats to STL with the Import Module

  • According to your needs, additional modules will help you take your data preparation to the next level. 

Discover more detailed information about Materialise Magics basic features. Technical Overview | PDF

Rapid Prototyping

The Caterpillar Rapid Prototyping team saved about 80 hours by utilizing Materialise Magics STL editor software to analyze every part file and build platform.

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The architects of the Sagrada Familia have been using Materialise Magics for 15 years to transform impossible design blueprints into 3D printable models.

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Materialise Magics supports aerospace business, for instance by manufacturing lightweight titanium blades for jet engine turbines.

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