The Right Tools for the Job

The automotive industry is built on a passion for technology and a drive for excellence. We know you trust in quality, and your trust means everything to us. That’s why we’re always striving to improve our services and raise our standards. Welcome to our state-of-the-art workshop and measurement lab, which help us meet this goal.

Certified Additive Manufacturing

We use 3D-printed parts where the technology can add real value to the automotive tools we produce. Think lightweight and fast. Our 3D-printed parts are sourced through the Materialise Certified Additive Manufacturing facility.

The Certified Additive Manufacturing facility produces end-parts for highly regulated industries, including aerospace and aeronautics, and is founded on a drive for quality, consistency and reliability.

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In-House Quality Inspection

We’re all about ensuring that we give you the best possible precision and calibration in our fixtures, gauges and cubing solutions. Towards that aim, we operate a measurement room that is a top reference in the industry.

  • Three CMMs, measuring up to 6300 x 1600 x 2500 mm, at up to 7 microns accuracy

  • Temperature-controlled for calibration reliability

  • 3D scanning equipment

Quality & Certifications

RapidFit+ strives for quality in all we do. It’s what keeps solutions relevant over time. So we constantly refine our state-of-the-art software and high-quality prints and services to ensure our customers get the quality and reliability they deserve. And as the technology and your needs evolve, so does our approach to quality.

  • ISO 9001:2008
  • EASA Part 21G and EN9100

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