Product Overview

Discovering the Next Generation of Metrology Fixtures

When you’re testing a prototype, you want the results to be accurate, traceable and available immediately. Discover the different features of the RapidFit system, and what they can do for you.  

Benefits of the RapidFit System

  • Easy modifications and quick turn-around  for new iterations.
  • Being modular, RapidFit delivers a highly adaptable and partially re-usable system, leading to long-term savings. 
  • Our system makes use of the latest and finest Additive Manufacturing technology, allowing limitless freedom of design.
  • Integrated of functionality such as clips and snap fits.
  • Ergonomic: fixtures that are 50% lighter. 

Measuring Fixtures

Due to the broad capacities of 3D Printing, fixtures can be equipped with unique features and functionalities.

The components printed by RapidFit provide standardized options for integrated functionalities.

Automotive workpieces often have latches and clips in order to ease the assembly process of a car. These situations will be simulated by holding functionalities, to reproduce the original mounting condition during quality inspection (e.g. adaptors that simulate the sheet metal part onto which the part will be clipped).

Features of Measuring Fixtures:

  • Intelligent: integrated functionality
  • Fast: Additive Manufacturing
  • Efficient: complex geometry made simple
  • Ergonomic: easy attachment and release of parts


Clip release for Omega clips 


  • Complex technical requirements translated into a standard 3D printed solution.
  • Best possible simulation of environment 

Checking Fixtures & SPC Gauges

Create quality inspection fixtures faster than ever thanks to the RapidFit’s latest innovations.

RapidFit sets a new standard for the production of test equipment with the introduction of 3D-printed contour blocks. These blocks are lighter, faster and more efficient to produce because they do not rely on conventional production methods (e.g. milling a complete block of aluminum or using cast aluminum). And the end result remains the same – first-rate test equipment that you can count on for your quality control.

To produce these fixtures, we use innovative materials and 3D Printing to create our final form simulators, achieving an accuracy of +/- 0.1mm after mechanical finishing.

Features of Checking Fixtures:

  • Complex fixtures made easy: standard solutions from our parametric library reduce your time to market
  • Our 3D-printed parts and post-machining processes result in supreme surface quality
  • Efficient: we only print what is needed
  • Optimal weight and strength

Calibers & Hand Applies

Three-dimensional shapes which were impossible to manufacture with conventional mechanical machining methods are now attainable with Additive Manufacturing. Jigs serve as lightweight, accurate hand tools to quickly check specific positions or shapes. As several contours can be made simultaneously, the entire fixture building process is considerably speeded up.

Features of Calibers and Hand Applies

  • Light: ergonomic tool use
  • Fast: 3D-printed, standard components
  • Efficient: no reference markers required on the workpiece itself

Measuring Tools & Accessories  

We provide an exterior target frame for the optical 3D scanning of objects. Made from carbon fiber beams and 3D-printed joints and target pads, this lightweight, strong and impact-resistant structure can easily be adapted for different part sizes. In addition, it is more cost-efficient than aluminum target frames and addresses target sticker issues in optical scanning. 

Features of Measuring Accessories 

  • Lightweight: ergonomic, fast assembly and easy use
  • Fast: 3D-printed, standard components
  • Efficient: no reference markers required on the workpiece itself 

Cubing Technology


Features of the RapidFit Cubing System

  • Reduce amount of tools
  • Reduce development tooling costs
  • Reduce time requirements


Exchange and update separate modules with ease. 


Only critical areas are simulated.

Vehicle Development Quality Tooling

The automotive industry uses a variety of fixtures, development bucks, cubing systems and so on to assess how accurately single parts and assemblies fit.

RapidFit proposes a single cube to combine a majority of the functions from these diverse and costly tools: the RapidFit SmartCube. The SmartCube allows you to build your cube at an early design stage, which you can continuously evolve with CAD updates. We prioritize a cost-efficient approach: small amounts of printed elements are replaced when necessary, and updates can be performed offline as the cube stays at your disposition.

The same principle is applied to single-component fixtures: a prototype checking fixture can evolve into a production gauge.

With RapidFit Smart Tooling, the standard structural components, as well as 3D-printed locators and contours, can be adapted to changing requirements at any time or place. We enable you to speed up your engineering and development process.

Features of RapidFit Fixtures    

  • One single fixture used for the prototype and production stage
  • Fast delivery of prototype fixture, which will evolve to a high-end production fixture
  • No compromise in quality verification

Features of the RapidFit Smart Cube   

  • One single tool to cover all design stages and tool functions
  • No compromises in quality verification
  • Low costs for CAD update changes
  • Enabler speeds up the vehicle development process