Project Flow

Working with you,
from concept to certification

We know that bringing an idea to life isn’t an easy process. And when you’re working with the automotive industry, a concept needs precision, expertise and dedication to become tangible reality. We’re there for you, every step of the way.


Customized fixture or gauge designs
and manufacturing solutions

Requirement Definition

RapidFit starts the design process by discovering your ideas and requirements. Each fixture is customized to make it easier for you to accurately measure and check the quality of the parts.

Design Process

Fixture designs are customized to meet your specific needs, and optimized for Additive Manufacturing with Materialise’s market-leading software.

Our Standard Solutions 

Discover our new workflow. At the proposal stage, we already clarify which of our standard solutions will work for each feature of your parts. We believe it’s important for you to have a clear idea of what your fully customized fixture will look like from the start.  

How do we make this workflow possible? By consistently standardizing RapidFit solutions. 

Standard Solutions

Features of RapidFit Solutions

  • Clear presentation of solutions for your component at the quotation stage
  • Clear definition of the locator and clamp
  • Faster project flow
  • Lower costs through standardization

AM Process

With our in-house software development, the designs we send to our production facilities are able to get the most out of Additive Manufacturing. Fixtures are produced using top-of-the line Additive Manufacturing equipment and materials, resulting in efficiency, accuracy and quality.

Standard Solutions

AM Technology 

Our most popular AM technology is Laser Sintering.


Laser Sintering is the ideal solution for  

  • Fully-functional prototypes with mechanical properties comparable to those of injection-molded parts
  • Series of small components
  • Large and complex functional parts up to 700 x 380 x 580 mm in one piece
  • Personalized manufacturing

Good reasons to choose Laser Sintering  

  • Fast lead times
  • Builds durable and functional parts
  • Design freedom (no support structure necessary)
  • Wide range of finishing degrees
  • Can be made watertight  

Other AM technologies we use for RapidFit parts 

We also use a variety of other AM technologies to create RapidFit parts.

Laser Melting
is the ideal solution for

  • Fully functional prototypes
  • Production tools
  • Molds and inserts
  • Rigid housings
  • Ductwork
  • Spare parts
  • Heat exchangers


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is the ideal solution for

  • Prototypes for functional testing
  • Prototypes directly constructed in production materials
  • Quality parts with high stability
  • Durable, individual parts up to 900 x 600 x 900 mm


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is the ideal solution for

  • Parts with smooth surfaces and fine details
  • Visual prototypes for photo shoots, market testing and design verification
  • Prototypes for limited functional testing
  • Masters for copying techniques (Reaction Injection Molding and Vacuum Casting )
  • Mimicking metal components by using a metal plating process
  • Low-volume production of complex geometries 

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Assembly & Certification  

We also use a variety of other AM technologies to create RapidFit parts.


Certification and calibration are performed in a temperature-controlled lab environment, ensuring a high-quality, accurate result.

RapidFit Quality

Control The highest standard in the industry Our high standards ensure an accurate and fast measuring service, bringing quality parts to your doorstep.


Assembly is performed in a temperature-controlled environment by in-house assembly experts. 

RapidFit Production 

To check contours and gauging parts, Materialise has developed a material composition made from Aluminum and Polyamide. Contour parts can be built in one piece up to 700 millimeters, and the specific advantages of both materials result in lightweight, rigid and lasting parts.