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The automotive industry continuously requires faster and more cost-effective development and production. Traditional ways of working no longer do the trick if you want to stay ahead of the curve. At Materialise, we apply innovative technology to take you from concept to car in the highest gear. You focus on your car development, while we leverage our 3D printing expertise to speed up the process from design to manufacturing.

Concepts and prototypes for form, fit and function testing

From the smallest interior component to life-size body parts, each concept needs proof. Get there faster with our rapid prototyping solutions and work with our skilled team of engineers. Develop true-to-life concept models and accurate functional prototypes in a wide variety of engineering-grade materials.

Metal casting prototypes

Your powertrain developments are in good hands with our daughter company ACTech. Request metal casting prototypes in all standard metals and alloys, perfectly finished and ready to install. Thanks to a perfect follow-up in all stages of the production process, ACTech offers you the highest quality, produced in record time.

Production & inspection tools

We take pride in delivering products that help you speed up your processes. Bridge the gap from prototyping to manufacturing with clever jigs and fixtures from RapidFit. Ensure optimal quality and ease of assembly with custom solutions for the quality department all the way to the production floor.

End-use parts

Want to go beyond prototypes and tools? Whether you're looking at mass customization for interior parts or lightweight structural components, we are there to deliver end parts that provide you with a competitive edge.

Software for automotive applications

Optimize your car design and additive production process with our extensive suite of specialized software.

Materialise 3-matic
Design Optimization

Materialise Magics
Data Preparation

Materialise Build Processor
Machine Communication

Support throughout the Automotive Production Cycle

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“The precision of the new fixture really surprised me. We can now achieve much tighter tolerances and expect reduced scrap/redo rates. Our workers on the line love it. The new jig is easier to handle and much lighter. They don’t have to worry about breaking it and the ergonomics are hugely improved. The guys don’t want the old fixture back!”

– Hannes Wauters, Equipment Engineer at Volvo Car Gent

3D printing adoption comes in many forms. Whether you’re printing it yourself or want us to print it for you, we’re there for you with our software expertise and technology-neutral printing services. Get in touch and tell us what your project is all about.

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