Going from concept to car, together. 

Creating the perfect car doesn’t start with manufacturing parts, it starts with a concept. Taking that concept into serial production can take up to five years, and each stage from design to manufacturing is crucial to success. With our state-of-the-art software and services for Additive Manufacturing, your car is off to a flying start.

Welcome to the Factory for 3D-Printed Fixtures

The modular RapidFit system is a game-changer in automotive tooling, shortening the time-to-market for your product with reusable standardized fixtures that represent the part environment.

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Dedicated Manufacturing

Which 3D printing technology best suits your needs? Which materials appeal to you most? Get a comprehensive oversight of our manufacturing offer down below.


Parts and fixtures are produced using our top of the line materials and technology.

Materials and Finishes

Whether you need flexibility, textures, or strength – our range of materials and technologies presents a number of solutions.

Rapid Prototyping

We enable you to create highly accurate prototypes rapidly and cost-efficiently.

“The precision of the new fixture really surprised me. We can now achieve much tighter tolerances and expect reduced scrap/redo rates. Our workers on the line love it. The new jig is easier to handle and much lighter. They don’t have to worry about breaking it and the ergonomics are hugely improved. The guys don’t want the old fixture back!”

– Hannes Wauters, Equipment Engineer at Volvo Car Gent

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