1. Organization

The Mimics Innovation Awards are an initiative of Materialise N.V. and all of its subsidiaries and branches involved.

2. Mimics Innovation Awards 

a. Our vision

Materialise strives to make the world a better and healthier place. With the Mimics Innovation Awards, we wish to reward our users for sharing this vision and supporting us with their innovative efforts. This competition rewards cutting-edge research that is being conducted with the help of Materialise Mimics software.

b. Who can participate?

Any person, group of persons, company or group of companies can be a candidate for the Mimics Innovation Awards. The licensed use of a Materialise Mimics software package (Mimics®, 3-matic®, ProPlan CMF, Mimics® inPrint) is a prerequisite. Every corresponding author may submit only once. 

c. What can be submitted?

As innovation is an important criterion in this contest, submitted research cases may not be older than 3 years. Every research case can only be submitted once.

We accept submissions from any research discipline. In the past edition, typical research disciplines included, but were not limited to, medicine, biomedical engineering, CMF, cardiovascular, orthopaedics, veterinary medicine, archaeology, pulmonology, biology, paleontology, material sciences, biomechanics, or forensics.

You can submit your research in the form of a published or unpublished article. The submission page limit is 10 pages. The paper format is .pdf. Submissions must be in English and should at least include the following sections: abstract, methods, results and conclusions.

d. What can I win?

Materialise awards a first and second prize in each of these three regions: Europe, the Middle East and Africa; North and South America, and Asia-Pacific. The first prize is 3,500 EUR and the second prize is 1500 EUR. A Global Winner will be selected from the first prize winners. This exceptional candidate will receive an additional 1500 EUR making their total award 5000 EUR. Winners are expected to use their prizes to advance their winning research.

All winners will receive a certificate and may be invited to present their research at a Materialise event.

e. How are the winners selected?

All submissions will be evaluated by an independent and international jury of experts according to the following criteria:

  • Quality
  • Originality
  • Role of the Mimics Innovation Suite
  • Social Impact

In the case of a tie within one category, the award money will be split evenly between the candidates.

f. When do I have to submit and when do I know whether I have won?

The deadline for submission is March 15, 2019. The winners will be notified in the course of the summer. More details on the award ceremony will be available soon.


3. Submissions, procedures and obligations

a. Do you have the necessary rights?

Candidates must have all the rights necessary to submit the article for participation in this contest.

b. What do we ask from you?

We may use your article for marketing purposes.
Submission of your case means that you automatically grant Materialise the right to use the submission for marketing purposes, whether in its original form, an extract or a summary thereof. You agree to fully co-operate with Materialise in order to enable such marketing use, whereby all relevant concerns, in particular copyright issues, will be taken into account. 

For this purpose, all winners will be asked to submit a one page layman summary of their submission. This summary should include some high-quality figures, photos and/or screen shots related to the submission.  A photo and a short biography of all winners will be required.

We may share your research in front of world-wide audiences.
All names, photos, images and content may be featured (with the appropriate credits) in marketing related materials including but not limited to: the Materialise website, a Mimics Innovation Awards flyer, press releases, newsletters, case studies, etc.

We may ask you to present your research.
Materialise regularly organizes webinars, events and conferences that are attended by a world-wide audience of researchers, engineers, medical professionals and the like. You may be offered the opportunity to present your research at one of these events.

c. How do I register and submit?

Candidates can register online via Your submission will be accepted once we have confirmed that you have met the stated terms and conditions of the contest. 

Please simultaneously submit your registration form and case through the online system. 

Your submission will fall under one of the regions based on the address you provided.

d. How do I receive the prize?

Upon receipt of this layman summary, the prize money will be distributed.


4. Limitation of liability 

Materialise cannot, in any way, be held liable for any event or circumstances, whether caused by force majeure or for a reason beyond the control of Materialise, which would cause an impediment to the usual and good course of the Mimics Innovation Awards. 

Also, Materialise cannot be held liable for any claim by any third party, whether related to copyright issues or any other.  


5. Conflicts

In the event that a conflict arises with respect to the Mimics Innovation Awards, the final decision lies with Materialise.


6. Acceptance of the regulation

Every candidate who has filed an application for participation in the Mimics Innovation Awards is deemed to have accepted the regulation thereof. 

Materialise reserves the right to modify this regulation unilaterally. In case of modification, participants will be informed hereof.