Surgeon-driven innovations in
orthopedic surgical planning

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Preoperative planning is key to achieving a more predictable patient outcome. Materialise OrthoView 7 offers surgeons a complete solution based on digital x-rays to plan orthopaedic procedures preoperatively.

With more automated features and surgeon-specific preference settings than ever before, OrthoView 7’s customizable planning wizards are ready to learn and remember your individual planning workflow and preferred surgical strategy to help you plan, prepare, and succeed.

Plan. Prepare. Succeed.

Meet the planning tool that enables you to analyze and plan hip procedures based on digital x‑rays.


Automate bony landmark detection.


Accurately calculate the femoroacetabular impingement angle.


Customize on-image reports to show only relevant information.


Auto-position the acetabular cup.


Easily determine the true and planar anteversion of the acetabular cup.


Collaborate on and share cases with colleagues through a web-based case management system.


Automatically update changes in measurements, such as the femoral stem insertion depth.


Personalize your planning wizards to speed up the planning workflow.


Cup Positioning Wizard


Femoral Stem Insertion Depth Wizard


Cup Anteversion Wizard


Femoral Alpha Hip Wizard

Save time with new automated features.

OrthoView 7 has been designed to help you successfully plan and prepare orthopaedic cases from start to finish. Here are some of the key tools that help you achieve a more predictable patient outcome.

Cup Positioning Wizard(*)
Facilitates the initial positioning of the acetabular cup by suggesting various options based on the digital x-ray.

Femoral Stem Insertion Depth Wizard(*) 
Identify how far (in millimeters) a cemented stem should be inserted into the femoral canal. Once engaged, the wizard automatically tracks and adapts to any modifications made to the position of the stem during planning.

Cup Anteversion Wizard
Accurately determine the true and planar anteversion of an acetabular cup based on a digital x-ray.

Femoral Alpha Hip Wizard
Calculate the angle at which the head departs from its normal spherical outline in cases where limited movement of the femoral head may be the result of femoroacetabular impingement.

Keep a full overview of your case, wherever you are

Materialise OrthoView Case Management offers you a secure web‑based application you can use to collaborate on or share cases with colleagues and locations. This allows you to tap into your preoperative planning wherever you are, whenever you have to.


See Key Measurements adjust to changes in the plan.

The displayed measurements include both pre- and post-planning values for leg length discrepancy and the offset measurement. These figures change automatically as modifications to the plan are made.

Note: When planning knee procedures, including an HTO, a similar table of key measurements is shown.

Streamline your planning workflow

Have direct access to your most frequently used templates, as well as your personal list of planning tools. Select or deselect from the full list of available wizards and arrange the features to suit your custom planning workflow.

Generate more accurate results through enhanced detection algorithms.

Benefit from a more precise initial prosthesis template positioning(*) and placement of the planning wizards.

In addition to a more accurate positioning, the enhanced detection of, for example, the femoral canal and central axis allows for a more adequate initial sizing of the femoral stem template.

(*) Available from OrthoView 7.3 onwards.

Customize on-image reports

The OrthoView software will remember your preferences for the on-screen report when you plan a similar orthopaedic procedure. This on-image report is dynamic, meaning it incorporates any modifications you make to the preoperative plan.

“As a regular OrthoView user, I like the way the prosthesis templates are now available online in OrthoView 7. This ensures that your template library is always up to date and available for use. Additional tools, such as the stem insertion depth (SID) wizard help establish critical implant specifications and position to enhance the accuracy of the plan.”

– Mr John Charity, Elective and Trauma Hip Surgeon, Exeter, UK.



Solutions for all PACS 

Materialise OrthoView offers multi-user solutions for hospitals, orthopedic and multi-specialty group practices, as well as individual solutions for surgeons in private practices. The software is compatible with all PACS that use DICOM images and, in many multi-user cases, is provided fully integrated with the PACS.

Software and licenses can be purchased directly from Materialise or from one of our many international sales partners. Note that available purchase options may depend on location, setting, PACS partner and system requirements.

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Materialise OrthoView solutions are designed for the specific needs of your hospital or organization, for example:

  Private Practice Hospital Enterprise
Access to the full range of OrthoView modules done done done
Access to the Complete OrthoView Template Library done done done
User Training and Instructions for Radiology done done done
X-ray scaling markers done done done
Technical Support done done done
PACS connectivity or (potentially) full integration clear done done
Site-wide access to the planning software clear done clear
Access across multiple sites clear clear done

Materialise OrthoView Multi-User Licensing Options

We offer several different licensing options for multi-user accounts depending upon the number of sites and orthopedic surgeons that will be using the digital pre-operative planning software, as well as the number of surgeons that will be needing the software at the same time. For more information about our licensing options, please contact our sales team to discuss the most suitable options based on your institution’s needs.

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Surgeon-driven innovations
in orthopaedic surgical planning

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