Digital Pre-Operative Planning for Joint Arthroplasty, Trauma, Pediatrics and Spine

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Orthopedic Templating for Joint Arthroplasty

Materialise OrthoView offers a complete pre-operative planning and orthopedic templating software for joint arthroplasty, including total and partial joint replacements, resurfacing procedures, revision procedures, peri-prosthetic fractures and more.

Orthopedic Templating for Joint Arthroplasty

Here’s a few things you can do:

  • Identify prosthesis size, offset, neck cut and cup inclination with just a few clicks of your mouse

  • Plan a simple THA in 60 seconds or less

  • Plan for high tibial osteotomy procedures with assessment of whole leg alignment

  • Template revision knees using modular systems that act as a complete, connected unit

  • Compare and contrast alternative solutions within the same plan

  • Achieve precise template positioning

  • Save pre-operative plans to PACS or locally or send to print

“I plan all my cases beforehand in OrthoView so the number of decisions I need to make intra-operatively are significantly reduced.”
- Sebastian Sturridge, Orthopaedic Surgeon, UK

“OrthoView is extremely valuable for hips due to its accuracy in assessing the measurements that are needed to obtain the true cup and stem size for my patient.”
- Thomas Mulvey, MD Orthopedic Surgeon, Peoria, Illinois, USA