Materialise Internship

Materialise is launching internship for 3 months on regular basis. You have a chance to take part in different research projects  linked to Materialise Сore Сompetences: Software Development, Engineering and Additive Manufacturing. You will lead to success research project in scope of internship program by using bleeding edge technologies in medical, industrial production and 3D printing software domains. 

Your research project topic will be within one or few of the following areas: solving packing problems by applying state-of-the-art optimization algorithms, image processing and segmentation, ultra-fast surface extraction from medical images, optimized data structures for 3D shape processing, high performance CPU & GPU computing in desktop applications.

If you

  • Interested in research and algo skills development
  • Have С++ programming skills (at least any pet projects) or  experience
  • Ready to work 4-6 (preferably 6) hours a day
  • GitHub account is nice to have

You can get

  • Experience in researching and algo programming
  • Opportunity to interact and to be guided with experienced researchers
  • Opportunity to start career with Materialise

Get task here

After your results sending we will give you feedback within 10 working days.

You are welcome to join our algorithms club and Materialise Community in Ukraine to be in touch with the latest news.