At Rapid + TCT, discover how industry leaders are using 3D printing.

May 20 – 23, 2019
Booth 1417, Cobo Center | Detroit, MI



How our customers are effectively using 3D printing, whether it’s prototyping or serial production, in polymers or in metal 3D printing.

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Exchange ideas with industry leaders, share insights on 3D printing adoption and gain inspiration from our partners’ presentations on recent business cases.

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Ask your 3D printing questions to our experts and engineers in a free consultation, whether you’re an early-stage adopter or a seasoned 3D printing manufacturer.

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Visitors discovered

  • Recent 3D printing success stories by Materialise customers
  • A first-hand view of customer cases and samples
  • Where to start when introducing 3D printing to your business
  • Best practices, pitfalls and solutions in setting up your own 3D printing facility

Meet our speakers

May 21, 2:15 - 2:40 pm

Metal 3D Printing for a Two-Mirror Telescope by Manuel Michiels

At this talk, attendees heard how Metal 3D Printing was applied to manufacture an optical system to be used in aerospace. We presented the main cost drivers of metal AM and which operations can be tuned to lower costs. Visitors also learned how large parts can be manufactured within tolerance by using simulation and creating a digital connection to CNC.

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Manuel Michiels, Materialise

Manuel Michiels, Market Innovation Manager, Materialise Software

Manuel Michiels is a forward-thinking technologist, trained in bioengineering, with a particular passion for Additive Manufacturing.

May 20, 8:00 am

Regulatory & Quality System Considerations for 3D Printed Medical Devices by Danielle Lucia

Attendees gained insight into the FDA’s view of 3D printing and the regulatory clearance processes. Danielle explained how quality, controls, validation and verification can be accomplished, followed by a discussion including device classes, verification, validation, testing, PMA, IQ, OQ, PQ and more.

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Danielle Lucia

Danielle Lucia
Biomedical Application Engineer, Materialise

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