May – December 2021 | Virtual | English

Online Hands-On Workshop

Mimics Enlight Structural Heart Planner



Explore how pre-procedural 3D-CT planning can improve the accuracy, efficacy, and safety of your structural heart procedures.


Become familiar with 3D-CT planning by using the planner hands-on with a real-life case example.


Connect with technical experts and fellow 3D-CT planning enthusiasts to discover the technical functionality and clinical benefit of 3D-CT planning.

In this workshop you will:

Explore the value of 3D-CT planning in clinical practice.

Learn how to create an accurate, virtual 3D model.

Learn how to leverage enhanced 3D visualization and automation for accurate planning and informed decision making.

Go beyond planning with online case sharing, VR, and 3D printing.

This workshop is specialized for:

Everybody involved in pre-procedural planning for TMVR and LAAO cases.

  • Interventional cardiology 
    • Interventional cardiologists
    • Cardiac imagers
    • Cardiac surgeons
  • Interventional implant industry
    • Clinical field specialists
    • Product managers
    • Engineers

System requirements:

All participants must have the following:

  • Windows® 10 - 64 bit operating system
  • Two monitors (inclusive of an integrated screen in a laptop PC)
  • Dedicated or private internet line (hardwire connection preferred)
  • Separate mouse
  • Headset or headphones with mic
  • Built-in or external camera
  • Comply with the Mimics Enlight system requirements

If you have any questions about the system requirements, please contact us before completing the registration.

Topic Date Timing  
LAAO Planning Jul 20, 2021 6PM-8PM CEST

(12PM-2PM EDT)

TMVR  Planning Aug 26, 2021 4PM-6PM CEST

(10AM-12PM EDT)

LAAO Planning Sep 23, 2021 4PM-6PM CEST

(10AM-12PM EDT)

TMVR ViV/ViR Planning Oct 28, 2021 6PM-8PM CEST

(12PM-2PM EDT)

LAAO Planning Nov 16, 2021 6PM-8PM CET

(12PM-2PM EST)

TMVR MAC Planning Dec 9, 2021 4PM-6PM CET

(10AM-12PM EST)




Michael Forbes
Cardiovascular Technical Consultant Materialise US

Michael Forbes serves as a Cardiovascular Technical Consultant for Materialise Mimics Enlight focused on pre-procedural planning for transcatheter device delivery using 3D analysis and additive manufacturing. Throughout his career, Michael has had the opportunity to apply his background in Product Design across a broad range of industries including consumer products, medical, sporting goods, toys, vehicles and more. Some of his most notable work in healthcare came from his time with Henry Ford Health System Innovations as a Product Designer and Licensing Associate where he contributed to research, design, development, and successful licensing of various novel medical devices including structural heart planning methods developed in collaboration Dr. Dee Dee Wang and the Henry Ford Hospital Structural Heart Team.

Winthe Vandoren, M.S.E.
Cardiovascular Technical Consultant Materialise EU

Winthe Vandoren serves as a Cardiovascular Technical Consultant for Materialise Mimics Enlight focused on pre-procedural 3D planning for structural heart interventions. She is passionate about combining technical and medical knowledge to serve the health care industry in finding more optimal solutions. Winthe holds a Master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering and collaborates with several interventional cardiologists. With this strong technical background, she is eager to support your needs as a responsible for the European market.

Clare Otto, M.S.E.
Cardiovascular Technical Consultant Materialise US

Clare Otto is a technical consultant at Materialise specializing in 3D anatomical analysis and modeling for cardiac interventions. She is passionate about improving patient care through the advancement of pre-procedural CT planning, utilizing 3D technology to produce more accurate, consistent, and efficient visualization and measurements. Over the past five years, she has helped to implement personalized patient-planning programs in several major medical device companies and supported the design of hundreds of patient-specific models for research and clinical use. She holds B.S.E. and M.S.E. degrees in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Michigan and has previous research experience in the fields of tissue engineering and medical device design.

Thomas Modine, MD, PhD
University Hospital Center (CHU) of Bordeaux, France

Dr. Thomas Modine is a cardiovascular surgeon in the Heart Valve Unit of the University Hospital Center (CHU) in Bordeaux. He has acquired a PhD and MBA and is experienced in TAVI, TMVR, minimally invasive surgery, and valve-sparing techniques. Dr. Modine is interested in aortic valve complex, bioengineering, beating heart surgery, hybrid approaches, TAVI, and TMVR.