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March 24-28, 2020

Orange County Convention Center
West Building | 9800 International Drive | Orlando, Florida 32819  

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The annual meeting is canceled due to the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) 


Join us at the AAOS Annual Meeting to discover how current developments around AI and AR will enhance accuracy and predictability in surgical planning! Learn how orthopedic surgeons, clinical engineers and medical device companies are using Materialise solutions for device design, precise surgical planning and patient-specific treatment.

Experience the future through mixed reality.

Discover how the current developments around AI, AR will enhance accuracy and predictability in surgical planning.

Improve predictability, trust outcomes.

Optimize patient outcomes with personalized guides and implants that match each patient needs. Improve the predictability of your surgery and boost the chances of a positive outcome.

Personalization begins with planning.

Materialise blends engineering knowhow with clinical guidance to provide surgical teams with a personalized planning for each surgery. Learn more about our comprehensive planning solutions at AAOS.

Co-create for a healthier world.

A healthier world is only achievable with several companies working together. We look forwards welcoming our partners at AAOS to explore and exchange expertise that have the potential to advance patient care. 

Expert Talk

Thursday, March 26th, 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM
Friday, March 27th, 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM
Academy Hall Poster P0603

Artificial Intelligence based preoperative planning for TKA significantly improves current planning algorithms:
a surgeon validation study

Deborah Bohn

Adriaan Lambrechts
Sr. Research Engineer


Our AI based preoperative planning technology for TKA has already proven to reduce the number of corrections surgeons have to make by 50%. For our current study we had an experienced surgeon score preoperative plans, in terms of quality, on a range from one to five. Where a score of one indicates a totally unacceptable plan, while a score of five indicates a plan which does not need any changes. The surgeon scored for 30 TKA cases both an AI plan as well as the current default plan, while being blinded to the plan type. Our new AI generated preoperative plans scored twice as high as the current default plans provided to surgeons!  


“…the scripting module automates your workflow, saving a great deal of time, ensuring consistency across projects, and preventing mistakes in implementation…which has given me hours of my life back.”

- Manish Mehta, Columbia University Medical Center

“I plan all my cases…in OrthoView so the number of decisions I need to make intra-operatively are significantly reduced. OrthoView is extremely valuable…due to its accuracy in assessing the measurements…”

- Thomas J. Mulvey, M.D. Orthopaedic Surgeon
Midwest Orthopaedic Center