Whether you’re printing it yourself or want us to print it for you, we’re there.

March 28-30, 2019
Parma Fairground | Parma, Italy

Join us at MECSPE to see how 3D printing adoption can come in many forms. Working with an external service bureau, operating your own 3D printing factory, and countless combinations thereof. No matter where on this spectrum you see your company, we’ve got you covered with our expertise and technology-neutral offer. Whether you print it or we print it, we’re there to support your journey with our software and services.

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Take a close-up look at what we’ve printed lately in metal, our super strong material Taurus, and our new extremely flexible material Polypropylene. You can discover cases of how we’ve made a hybrid plastic-metal automotive engine, created jigs for faster production lines and more.



Find out how you can print better parts, even faster through our software demos. Plus, exchange ideas with industry leaders, share insights on 3D printing adoption and get inspiration from some of our recent 3D prints. Come see how our daughter company RapidFit is creating the next generation of automotive tooling, and how ACTech is changing the way we think about prototyping.



Ask your 3D printing questions to our experts and engineers in a free consultation, whether you’re an early-stage adopter or a seasoned 3D printing manufacturer. You can meet specialists from our Italian office and abroad who know the ins-and-outs of metal printing, software, automotive, and more.

To us, 3D Printing is not just a production method. It’s an opportunity to rethink how you design, how you develop a product, even how you bring that product to the market.

3D Printing is at the heart of amazing product transformations and new business models. That’s why we empower small and large businesses to harness the full potential of 3D printing technology, with our software and printing services.


Asil Uzman
Key Account Manager, RapidFit+


Alessio Esposti
Account Manager Materialise Manufacturing


Marc Schulze
Sales Engineer, ACTech


Sebastiano Bisignano
Software Account Manager

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Schedule a meeting with an account manager and get personalized insights into making the most of 3D printing potential, from identifying the right applications to choosing the right technology, to guidance on setting up your own production.

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Not able to join us at MECSPE but want to know more about metal 3D printing? Download our white papers to learn more.

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