December 7-8, 2021 | Hamburg, Germany

Meet us at Aviation Forum Hamburg 2021

Whether you’re an aircraft manufacturer, supplier, or MRO, it is key to harness the potential of 3D printing as a smarter sourcing solution. From on-demand manufacturing to the elimination of minimum order quantities, the commercial benefits of additive manufacturing for aerospace are clear.

Join us at Aviation Forum Hamburg 2021 as we meet with other industry leaders to shape the industry. Meet with our 3D printing experts, attend our presentation with LIFT Aircraft, and more!

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  • Learn how additive manufacturing (AM) can streamline your supply chain through flexible sourcing
  • Discover our 3D printing production lines, certified to manufacture Form 1-accredited parts
  • See how AM can help you optimize aftermarket lead times and costs with MOQs of 1
  • Explore how additive manufacturing works and what opportunities lie in designing for AM

December 7, 2021 - 4:45 pm – 6:00 pm


by Dorina Kovacs and Balazs Kerulo

Rapid Innovation in Aerospace with Additive Manufacturing: From Idea to Flight-Ready in 13 Months

Additive manufacturing (AM) is a powerful enabler of rapid innovation, and the urban air mobility sector has been quick to take notice. LIFT Aircraft, a customer of Materialise, went from idea to flying aircraft within 13 months, an achievement that’s unthinkable with conventional product development and manufacturing. Their HEXA eVTOL aircraft features nine applications of 3D printing, with multiple parts in each application. In this presentation, Dorina Kovacs from Materialise is joined by Balazs Kerulo, Chief Engineer of LIFT Aircraft, to explore how LIFT is using the three main drivers of AM - design, speed, and flexibility - with a particular focus on the development of a critical component 3D-printed in titanium.

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Want to know more on smarter sourcing with AM?

Low-criticality, plastic parts can represent a disproportionate burden in your supply chain when they come with high MOQs and stock risk. Here, AM has a clear commercial benefit to offer: quick, on-demand production of short series, eliminating overstock and warehousing costs. Download our whitepaper “Sourcing Low-Criticality Parts for Aircraft: The Additive Manufacturing Opportunity for Aerospace Supply Chain Management.”

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December 7-8, 2021

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Want to discover the potential of additive manufacturing in aerospace and how industry leaders are harnessing it, from OEMs to urban air mobility startups like LIFT? Meet with our 3D printing experts in Hamburg and ask them all your AM questions!

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