Aircraft Cabin AM Summit

March 3 - 4, 2020
ZAL Tech Center | Hamburg, Germany

Serial production with 3D printing is a reality today. However, the actual 3D printing process is just a piece of the puzzle. To truly benefit from 3D printing as a serial production technology, industries need to familiarize themselves with the key to making additive manufacturing productive, reliable, and scalable. This year at the Aircraft Cabin AM Summit, Materialise will put the spotlight on how European manufacturers are using 3D printing as a certified manufacturing technology, even in industries as highly regulated as aerospace.



Aerospace companies are utilizing additive manufacturing from concept development to serial production, thanks to its power for total cost management. Discover how.



Explore success stories of aerospace companies in AM to shorten learning curves and raise 3D printing productivity with our manufacturing and software expertise.



Ask your 3D printing questions to our experts and engineers in a free consultation, whether you’re an early-stage adopter or a seasoned 3D printing manufacturer.

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  • Recent 3D printing success stories by Materialise customers
  • A first-hand view of customer cases and samples
  • Where to start when introducing 3D printing to your business
  • Best practices, pitfalls and solutions in setting up your own 3D printing facility


ZAL Tech Center

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