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What’s New in Magics 25

Experience the easy-to-use and productivity-boosting features introduced in the latest version of our industry-leading data and build prep software: Magics 25.  

Whether you’ve already upgraded or are still using an earlier version of Magics, this free webinar will teach you all you need to know about what Magics 25 is capable of. Join our software experts to discover all that you can achieve using fewer clicks than ever before, thanks to the new, intuitive workflows and features.

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December 1, 2020 | 10:00 am EST


In this session, you will learn about

  • Updated toolpages for semi-automatically fixing parts using half the number of clicks previously needed

  • Full-build simulations that enable you to improve part quality and reduce build failures  

  • Freeform Sinterboxes that boost nesting density  

  • Labeling Sinterboxes and creating internal walls to simplify post-processing   

  • The product development behind Magics 25 from the Magics Product Manager 

  • Answers to your questions during our Q&A  

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Evan Kirby
Manager Application Engineering, Materialise

Evan started at Materialise 19 years ago, teaching approximately 100 employees per year from more than 100 different companies, including Ford, GM, Pratt & Whitney, various Federal Governmental agencies, Hewlett Packard, and Toyota, how to best use Materialise Magics 3D Print Suite. He provided pre- and post-sales support for those companies and is now managing a team of application engineers who perform those same tasks.

Jan Welkenhuyzen
Product Manager, Materialise

Jan Welkenhuyzen
Product Manager, Materialise

Jan Welkenhuyzen started working at Materialise in 2005, making his start at the company’s headquarters in Leuven, Belgium. During the past 15 years, he has had the opportunity to work in different roles within the Materialise Research and Product Development divisions and has spent time based in the Malaysian and Chinese offices. He has extensive experience in the diverse product portfolio of Materialise as well as a deep understanding and passion for the endless range of new opportunities that 3D printing technology has to offer.

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