From June 21st to 30th, during the Venice Biennale, an incredible pair of 3D Printed wings, designed by artist Mariko Mori and 3D Printed by Materialise, formed part of the “Madame Butterfly” opera at the world renowned Teatro La Fenice.


Known for installations that were inspired by the intersection of ancient Japanese cultural traditions and the most sophisticated contemporary media, Mori was commissioned to create the sets and costumes for the Puccini opera, and designed the wings that were worn by the main character to take center stage in her theatrical, retro-futuristic universe.

Made out of TPU 92A-1, the first fully-flexible 3D Printing material, the wings were produced by Materialise to have a fluidity similar to fabric and to accentuate the character’s expressions and gestures as she moved about the stage. Materialise also provided guidance during the design stage and with the help of Materialise’s Magics software, fixed and prepared the design file for 3D Printing.