Down through the ages, many great creative acts have been performed in the name of love.  In modern times, with our very hectic lives, things have changed a bit, but it doesn’t mean that our emotions, and the desire to express them, are any less.  Thanks to a unique creation by i.materialise, Steven D., a young Belgian man, was easily able to share his feelings and propose to the love of his life… in a very unusual way.


Searching for an Unforgettable Solution

Steven D., a young businessman, had been struggling for 6 months to find a unique and special way to propose to his girlfriend of almost ten years, Brenda.  Not only did Steven want Brenda to know how much he loved her and wanted her to be his wife, but he also wanted a solution that she would never forget and that would leave her with a keepsake of the important event for the rest of her life.


An Unusual, Creative Way to Express Love

Thanks to an unexpected trip and tour of the Materialise facilities in Leuven, Belgium, Steven discovered the Appear Lamp by i.materialise. The Appear Lamp is a customizable table lamp; on its shade can be printed whatever message the purchaser wishes, and this message stays hidden until the lamp is turned on.  As soon as Steven saw the Appear Lamp, he knew he had found his solution.  Shortly after, through the i.materialise website, Steven quickly and easily placed his order – with his own special words.


And they Live Happily Ever After…

A week later, on the evening of their 10th anniversary, after a candlelit dinner, Steven presented Brenda with her special Appear Lamp.  At first she was pleasantly puzzled, but then, when she turned it on, her eyes were met with a poem she would never forget:

“Every time you turn on this light, be remembered I need you in my life, Brenda will you be my wife? xxx Steven”


After a resounding ‘YES!’, Steven and Brenda were married nine months later.  And thanks to i.materialise and the Appear Lamp, Brenda has a unique and enduring reminder of Steven’s love for her.

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