The RBM Noor, Tested to the Bone, Before it even Existed!

To make the world a better place to sit

Driven by the vision ‘to make the world a better place to sit’, Scandinavian Business Seating produces good seating solutions for working people. So when their brand RBM launched its latest release in its product line-up, the chair had a lot to live up to.


“But how do you check if a chair provides the right dynamic support when it is still a design file? And how do you discuss the look and feel of an idea, if you cannot see the real product with your own eyes or touch it with your own hands? That’s where Materialise came into the picture”

– Karel Honings, Project Manager Materialise.


A series of prototypes, matching reality closer than ever

Knowing how intensively the RBM Noor was going to be tested, Materialise created a series of prototypes with only one goal in mind: make them look, feel and work exactly like the end-product. It was decided that Vacuum Casting would achieve the best result.


Vacuum Casting: small series, big properties

Starting from a 3D printed master model, Materialise created a mold and used it to cast a series of colored polyurethane shells. The process allowed each shell to be made with a different material and with different cosmetic properties. Thanks to an extremely fast throughput time and low mold cost, Scandinavian Business Seating could adjust and test design variations until they were ready to take the final step to mass production.


“We wanted the organic 3D shape of the RBM Noor to create a comfortable sitting experience with soft and user-friendly surfaces and optimal contact and support. Only the best prototypes were good enough to help us in the design process”

– Kjetil Wiig, Technical Project Manager, Scandinavian Business Seating.