Materialise’s Medical Production team is responsible for manufacturing unique parts for use in the treatment of a couple thousand patients each and every month, and demand is on the rise. In addition to delivering the high-quality expected of all of Materialise’s production teams, medical production must also ensure that they meet the strict standards demanded worldwide of any product destined for use inside an operating room. An important key for ensuring the highest quality for these patient-specific parts is traceability, and this is achieved thanks to another in-house solution offered at Materialise, Materialise Streamics.

Putting Materialise Streamics to the Test in Materialise’s Medical Production

After careful development and testing, and before it was released to the general public, Materialise Streamics was given a true trial by fire in Materialise’s medical production. By bringing together and streamlining the Materialise software solutions being used by medical production, Materialise Streamics is already increasing traceability for all of the parts being produced and is automating more of the monotonous everyday tasks involved in the process than ever before. This gives the team time to focus on the more challenging tasks required, ensuring that everything goes according to plan.  The benefits of this are then passed on to the end-users, the surgeons and their patients who rely on the team to get every part perfect and delivered on time.


Improving Communication and Traceability where it is Needed Most

In Materialise Streamics, when a file is sent to medical production, it is put through an automatic fixing process and assigned to a member of the production team for further preparation. What’s more, everyone on the team has access to all the information and people involved with each part, and all in a single click. This is indispensible when a part needs to be found and adapted, for instance, due to a last minute change in a surgery. In fact, with Materialise Streamics, parts can be identified and tracked throughout the entire process - from the moment the file is sent to medical production to the moment that the final part is received by the surgeon. That means that if errors are ever found, Materialise Streamics allows for the full traceability that can help find the source of the error. By identifying where and why something went wrong, the team is able to come up with a solution that can help them avoid a similar problem in the future.


Quality is Key to a Happy and Healthy End-User

With demand for patient-specific parts already so high and continuing to grow, the team is happy that they can rely on Materialise Streamics to make their job easier.


“Not only has Materialise Streamics improved communication throughout the entire medical production team, but it has also made it possible to keep up with the increasing demand while still meeting the highest possible standards of quality. As quality manager for our Orthopaedics team, Materialise Streamics gives me confidence that everything will run smoothly throughout the production process, and if and when problems do occur, we have the traceability we need to quickly identify the cause and find a solution. Here in medical production, we can’t afford any errors because if something goes wrong it is not just our reputation on the line, it is the health and well-being of a patient that could be affected.”
– In the words of Niels Festjens, Quality Manager for Materialise Orthopaedics

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