"Materialise has made it easy to realize the small series production of our state-of-the-art handheld 3D scanners. Using additive manufacturing we can introduce new technologies in our products with an extremely high flexibility."

– Geert Vandenhoudt, Nikon Metrology


Nikon Metrology’s newest generation of handheld laser scanners, the K-Scan MMDx, is one of the most advanced handheld scanning solutions available today. 

For the small series production of the K-Scan MMDx Nikon Metrology has turned to the solutions offered by Materialise, and it has done so for several reasons.


Design changes without limitations

Putting cutting-edge technologies in its customer’s hands is one of Nikon Metrologies priorities. Additive manufacturing offers the flexibility to adapt the design of the scanner to each technology change in no time and at no cost. In fact, several versions of the handheld Nikon Metrology 3D scanners have already been produced, leaving competition far behind.

Complex parts for easy handling

When it comes to making complex shapes, additive manufacturing shines where conventional technologies get stuck. This allows Nikon Metrology to include more functionality into one single part, saving production cost and assembly time. Also, parts can be made to be lighter and more ergonomic, responding and adapting to the needs of the end-users.


Manufacturing on demand

Small series production also allows Nikon Metrology to order parts on demand, making stock unnecessary. All the information needed to reproduce a part is already at Materialise, making it easy to start production when and in the exact quantity needed.


Another small series success story brought to you by Materialise

In the end, small series production at Materialise helps Nikon Metrology competing in a niche market where flexibility, parts on demand and design freedom help to guarantee the success of a product. To find out how you can take advantage of everything Materialise has to offer in the production of your small series, visit http://manufacturing.materialise.com/additive-manufacturing  or contact prototype@materialise.be.

To find out more about state-of-the-art scanning equipment visit http://www.nikonmetrology.com/

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