The exhibition shows humankind as part of a major energy cycle. At different stations, visitors can learn where energy comes from, and how people produce and convert it. Also inside the human body, energy is being generated, transported and used continuously. In order to visualize these complex energy flows, Energeticon and Expotec, the logistic partner of the exhibition, turned to 3D Printing.

The organizers’ concept included a moving projection on the inside of a model of the human body. For the projections to be clearly visible from the outside, the surface had to be translucent. Using Tusk2700T, a strong transparent material for Mammoth Stereolithography, Materialise was able to print the 1.7-meter-long body in one single piece with the look the organizers required.

Project Manager Dorina Kovacs: “Thanks to our in-house experts and a careful analysis of technology, material and design, we managed to present a large and transparent body that fits in with the rest of the exhibition.”

The 3D-printed body will be added to a permanent exhibition on energy development in Alsdorf, Germany.

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