The Ford Mustang. The car, the icon. Since hitting the asphalt on April 17th, 1964 it has been one of the most recognizable cars on the road. But what will the 2015 model look like? Many car enthusiasts eagerly await the day the new Mustang reaches showrooms. However, in late June, Ford let the 2015 Mustang out of the garage earlier than anyone would have anticipated for a special occasion – Materialise’s Slot Car Championships at RAPID 2014 in Detroit.



Decked out in a special edition blue with black racing stripes and created using Materiaise’s Magics software, the 2015 Mustang sizzled on the track and surpassed expectations of Ford engineers, blowing by the competition with ease.



Since February, LeRon Jones, technologist at Ford, and Harold Sears, Ford 3D Printing technical expert, have worked together to design the slot car. “We know fans around the world are clamoring to drive the all-new Mustang,” said Harold. “It was such an honor to be the first ones to take it to the track.”



Ford 3D printed the 6-inch long by 2.5-inch wide replica of the all-new 2015 model. But Ford is not a novice when it comes to 3D Printing and Materialise Magics software. Because of 3D Printing’s versatility, Ford uses the technology in product development to create and test production such as prototyping parts and, in this case, designing a slot car.



“This [slot car] event…highlights how Ford uses 3D Printing throughout the company. You can do far more iterations, tweaking your model, if you will, to get a better component for the consumers.”

Check out Ford’s video of their slot car:

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