On September 20, 2013, AvioAero was so kind to open the door of its brand new AM facility in Cameri, Italy for our partners. It was a great opportunity to discover how advanced AM process control and automation can enable AM production for aerospace companies to meet the quality and traceability standards of traditional manufacturing. We had the chance to tour the impressive, new AvioAero facility and see how software can streamline the entire AM process, across different departments and multiple locations (from design to post-processing).

With over 60 industry experts from around the globe in attendance, the event was a true success. It was interesting to be able to converse with experts from AvioAero, Materialise and industry leaders from across Europe.

A warm thank you to our partners at AvioAero for hosting this event, making time for us in these busy days of getting their new facility up and running and the trust that they have put in us as their strategic software partner.



Materialise’s Streamics system as a key element for AM process control & automation at the AvioAero plant in Cameri.

The moment of moving to the new AM facility in Cameri was seen as a good timing for optimizing the AM process and related AM process control. To prepare this changeover, the Materialise consultant team has been actively interacting with the AvioAero project stakeholders to obtain the optimal configuration of Materialise Streamics and its modules.

Materialise’s secure Streamics AM  backbone system was selected by AvioAero because it fulfills in a unique way the AM process control, process standardization, process automation & process traceability requirements of the high demanding AM aeronautics manufacturing standards at AvioAero. The roll-out of Materialise Streamics at the Cameri facility is in his last phases now, including a tight integration between Materialise Streamics and the AM machines at AvioAero.

Materialise is a trusted partner for metal machine manufacturers and offers an extensive portfolio of products and services for Metal Additive Manufacturing customers worldwide.


About AvioAero

The foundations of AvioProp, were laid in 2004 with the aim of providing innovative solutions in additive technology manufacturing processes for titanium, aluminum, cobalt base and stainless steel materials. It was the first Italian plant for titanium alloys via the EBM technology. AvioProp soon became an important reference in biomedical and aerospace sectors to innovate products and process, developing a range of revolutionary metal powders specifically for their customers. This enabled their customers to take the step from rapid prototyping to rapid manufacturing, whilst ensuring quality, traceability and control requirements expected from demanding aerospace and medical component manufacturers.

In August 2013, GE Aviation, has completed the acquisition of AvioAero (including AvioProp). AvioAero will act as the center of excellence for the entire General Electric Group in mechanical transmissions and low-pressure turbines.
Avio Aero will retain headquarters in Turin, Italy. The acquisition furthers GE's participation and expertise in the areas of mechanical transmission systems, low-pressure turbines, combustion technology, and automation systems.


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