With the help of Materialise and an intricate, functional prototype, Norwegian company LBO was able to create an impactful display and increase commercial interest in their maintenance services at an important oil & gas trade fair.

Clarifying Complexity

As experts in the maintenance of hard-to-reach places on offshore oil rigs, Norwegian company LBO (Linjebygg Offshore AS), provides complex yet critical services to the oil and gas industry.  With ONS, the biannual oil and gas exhibition quickly approaching, the marketing team at LBO focused on the concept that “seeing is believing”.  They concluded that a functional scale model was needed to clearly demonstrate LBO’s unique access tools on an oil rig.  With the assistance of design bureau Inventas Molde AS, an initial design was created, but the team was then faced with a challenge:  How to produce such an intricate model, within budget, and on-time?

Producing the Solution, Quickly and Inexpensively

Having worked with Materialise before, and wanting to find the most suitable way to bring the model to life, Inventas designers contacted Materialise engineers. Extensive discussions followed, and ultimately, the design was optimized for production with the 3D printing technology of Laser Sintering. In the end, Materialise produced 71 parts that once assembled, created a model of 713 x 668 x 1165 mm.  The highly-detailed, functional model was produced more quickly and inexpensively than would have been possible with other manufacturing processes.

Seeing Truly is Believing

The trade show was a resounding success for LBO.  In the words of Leif Erling Aasan, LBO’s Marketing Director, “The exhibition model increased visiting numbers and interest for our technical solutions.  When you can demonstrate the benefits with movable tools, the audience gains a much better understanding.