Radhika Dhuru November 3, 2015
Every day, 3D printing consumer service bureaus like i.materialise receive thousands of orders from 3D printing enthusiasts. About one in five of those orders has to be canceled because the 3D model provided has incorrect wall thicknesses. What do you do if your customers send you a file that’s doomed to fail? We know it’s a popular problem, because when we launched our file-fixing wizard 3DPrintCloud as an API this summer, we asked you which tools you would like most to see on the platform. And the answer was, overwhelmingly: the Wall Thickness Analyzer. By offering it on our 3DPrintCloud API, we’re giving you the opportunity to save your customers from model-break (and heart-ache) too. Materialise has 25 years’ worth of 3D printing software expertise, and 3DPrintCloud is your cloud access to it.

How much does the wall thickness matter?

Models with walls that are too thin run the risk of breaking during 3D printing or while being handled. To really show you why having the right wall thickness matters, we 3D-printed a little experiment: the mascot from 3DPrintCloud’s signage, a meerkat. This time the little creature appears as a chef holding a fork, printed once with faulty walls and once with a file that had been corrected using the new Wall Thickness Analyzer. Here’s how they turned out. See how the uncorrected one didn’t fare so well? The thinnest parts, the tines of the fork, didn’t survive the printing process at all. The long handle of the fork, also one of the most fragile elements of the model, broke off soon after. And the Wall Thickness Analyzer tool on the 3DPrintCloud could have told you that all along.

3DPrintCloud: Spreading the 3D printing joy, one fix at a time

It’s not that 3D printing is an impossible challenge, but just that Materialise has 25 years of experience and can already pre-empt the mistakes which many designers are likely to make. They don’t all need to start from scratch and learn how to reinvent the wheel, if they have access to 3DPrintCloud’s file-fixing tools. The 3DPrintCloud API can be integrated into your existing platform or software programs, allowing your users the ability to make their files ready for 3D Printing, all the while staying on your platform which they know and are comfortable with. Whether you’re a desktop machine manufacturer, a software provider, a model database or a 3D printing service: you can use the 3DPrintCloud API to streamline and enrich your 3D printing workflow with our expanding array of file-fixing tools. So what are you waiting for?

Now that you know we really listen to our users when we develop new tools…

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